5 Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is becoming extremely popular in the health and wellness community. While the name sounds suspiciously like cannabis, cannabidiol does not contain any THC, which is the compound associated with the psychoactive effects or “high” from marijuana. Derived from hemp, full spectrum CBD oil does not have any known intoxicating effects, so consumers are comfortable using it as a natural supplement. Check our other resources about health uses of natural cannabidiol, or read on below to learn more about why people love these products.

CBD Oil for Addiction and Mental Health

Many CBD oil consumers first discovered this supplement when they were looking for a natural alternative to potentially harmful or highly addictive prescription medications. In addition to providing another option, scientific research suggests that CBD may be able to work on brain circuits that have already been affected by addiction. In laboratory tests on rats, this natural supplement has been demonstrated to reduce opioid dependence and heroin-seeking acts.

Topical Pain Relief With CBD

CBD oil roll-on products are specifically designed to provide deep relief in a particular area. Instead of ingesting full spectrum CBD oil for its complete effects, some customers want to apply their supplement topically to get targeted effects directly where they want them. People use these CBD oil roll-on products to address muscle spasms, arthritis, soreness, and joint pain. Topical CBD is ideal for anyone from athletes to the elderly.

CBD for Cancer-Related Symptoms

CBD has demonstrated in test-tube research that it has the ability to kill human cancer cells. Additional studies have indicated that CBD can relieve cancer-related pain for patients, even after other pain medication did not bring them relief. One such study found that the introduction of CBD extract led to reduced pain even compared to an extract with THC alone. In addition to relief from cancer pain itself, studies have found that cannabidiol may mitigate effects like nausea and vomiting that arise from chemotherapy treatments.

CBD as an Acne Treatment

Various studies have identified properties of CBD that may reduce acne, a skin condition that causes discomfort for an estimated 9.4% of the entire worldwide population. One of the most common diseases globally, current research suggests that acne can be caused by multiple factors including genetics, bacteria, inflammation, and an excess of an oily bodily secretion called sebum. Multiple studies indicate that CBD can help address both inflammation and sebum production in skin glands. With more research, scientists are working to gather proof that cannabidiol can treat acne safely and effectively.

CBD Oil for Pets

Much like cannabidiol works with the endocannabinoid system in a human’s body, it’s thought to have benefits for pets as well. Our CBD oil for dogs is popular among pet owners who want to help their furry friends feel better. Common use cases include dogs who have chronic health issues like vomiting, daily pains, cancer, and anxiety. Addressing these symptoms can help pets get their energy back, reduce barking or chewing, and stay calm in various different situations. CBD drops extracted in MCT (coconut) oil are great because dogs are more likely to enjoy the taste.

Where to Buy Full Spectrum CBD Oil

We at F2P are proud to offer our full line of products to customers all over the United States, and we’re getting rave reviews about the benefits experienced by people and pets. Shop our selection online to have your natural CBD supplements shipped directly to your door, or contact us with more questions about benefits.

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