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People have used topical CBD products like this lavender balm to address everything from chronic pain to anxiety. The health and wellness community loves cannabidiol because it provides a natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs, plus the cost and side effects that often come with those medications.

Where Does CBD Come From?

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, can come from a couple of different sources. It can be contained in cannabis, but CBD is also found in hemp, which is a non-psychoactive relative of the cannabis plant. Here at F2P Industries, we use a full-spectrum hemp extraction process to get all the benefits of healthy, natural hemp without any of the intoxicating chemicals found in cannabis.

Will CBD Get Me High?

This is a source of confusion for some people, we often hear a lot of questions like this with CBD. Cannabis itself can make people intoxicated, but that’s because of another cannabinoid: THC. There is no THC found in our legal hemp products, which means they’re safe for everyone to use. Our products will not produce any intoxicating effects because we use a third party to validate our formulations to ensure that our products contain less than .3% THC.

The World Health Organization itself has said that CBD does not exhibit any effects that may indicate a potential for abuse or dependence, and that there is no known evidence of a public health problem associated with CBD. In other words, people can safely use CBD for any length of time, and they shouldn’t experience any serious negative effects during or after their use. There are no known withdrawal symptoms involved with CBD.

Why Should I Use CBD?

People use CBD products from F2P Industries to treat a wide variety of ailments. Topical forms, like this CBD Lavender Balm, are especially popular for physical relief of symptoms in a specific area. Rubbing the balm into areas with a lot of blood flow (like your temples or wrists) can introduce cannabidiol to the rest of your body, which may be helpful for things like headaches and anxiety.

That said, though, we mostly recommend this product to address physical pain in targeted areas of your body. Many people have replaced over-the-counter or even prescription creams with a CBD balm, treating everything from muscle pain to skin rashes. Use it as you would use any other cream or lotion, massaging it gently into the areas of your body that need extra attention.

What are the Best Uses for CBD Lavender Balm?

How you use this product is up to you, but we’ve heard some of our customers give feedback about how they get the best results. To start, consider where you want to get the benefits of CBD– whether that be dry skin, tense shoulders, sore joints, or something else. Next, wash and dry the area to give the CBD balm a better surface on which to work.

Apply a generous amount of CBD balm to the affected areas, and rub it in thoroughly. There’s no need to be wasteful, but a second application is adding more of the supplement to your body, which increases its effectiveness. Finally, wash your hands well, especially before touching your face, nose, or eyes– ingredients like peppermint essential oil are for external use only.

Get the Best CBD Balm

Our soothing lavender balm is made with the same attention to detail we give all of our products like CBD liposomal drops. It contains full spectrum CBD to address a wide variety of aches and pains, while also soothing the skin with other natural ingredients. Order some today to supplement your natural endocannabinoid system as you pursue lasting organic relief, or contact us if you have any questions.

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