CBD Oil for Pain Management

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Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is gaining popularity among health and wellness enthusiasts who seek a natural way to address chronic pain. This wellness tool acts as a supplement to your body’s existing endocannabinoid system, and pure CBD does not have any of the intoxicating effects associated with feeling “high” from THC.

Cannabinoids have been used for pain relief dating all the way back to ancient Chinese cultures, according to research published by medical professionals at Harvard University and other prestigious organizations. Scientists are still hard at work to uncover more data about the benefits of CBD for patients who want pain relief. Early studies are promising, and positive stories are pouring in from all over the world. Here are a few things we’ve heard so far about CBD oil for pain relief.

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Hemp oil can be applied or ingested in a number of ways. The oil can be consumed sublingually (under the tongue), where it quickly gets to the customer’s endocannabinoid system through glands in the mouth. This is one of the most popular ways to get the benefits of CBD concentrates because it delivers the supplement to a person’s entire body through the bloodstream. Other popular delivery methods include topical applications.

CBD Topical Pain Relief

For customers who want to target one specific problem area, topical products like full spectrum CBD balm are ideal. People massage these types of CBD ointments directly onto their skin above inflamed, sore, or aching areas. Such topical applications of oil are designed to soothe the skin itself, then sink into the muscles and joints below to deliver relief. Customers commonly use these products on their temples to address headaches or apply it to the lower back to help relieve stiffness. While balms offer terrific flexibility, we noticed a lot of people were looking for a product that wouldn’t get on their hands– that’s where CBD oil roll-ons come in handy.

CBD Oil Roll-On

The CBD oil roll-on is used for the same sort of topical purposes as balms and lotions, but it comes in a convenient mess-free application tube (similar to a deodorant stick). Simply remove the cap of your cannabinoid roll-on tube, then sub it over sore muscles, aching joints, or arthritis pain spots.

Other Uses and Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil has been used by customers all over the globe who want to experience pain relief or address a wide variety of other ailments. Potential uses for natural cannabidiol supplements include many different afflictions from acne to mental illness. Test tube studies of CBD have identified an ability to induce destruction of human breast cancer cells, and another group of researchers found it to reduce addictive behavior in rats. Ongoing research continues to establish and explore even more potential benefits of CBD oil. Peruse more of our resources to learn about some of the current research.

Where to Purchase CBD Oil Online

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