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If you are seeking aid for constant & chronic muscle soreness, it is time to consider an F2P Industries CBD Warming Roll-On (topical) for pain relief. F2P’s Warming Roll-On combines the sweet & spicy scents of cinnamon and camphor. With Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD and dozens of essential oils, it helps soothe and relax painful muscles without the medicinal smell of other roll-on pain relievers. Now available in a smaller and more discrete .35fl oz container – it is perfect for your purse, gym bag or traveling.

Whether you are an athlete, suffering from arthritis, or would like to take a break from tight, tense muscles – this product is a game changer. Many customers use our CBD Warming Roll-On before and after workouts, for on-demand relief. Contains 250mg of Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD.

How To Use Our CBD Warming Roll-On:

  • For muscle relief, either pre-workout or post-workout, remove the cap and apply the F2P Warming Roll-On to the affected muscles or joints and massage into skin for best results.
  • For those who have arthritis, apply the F2P Warming Roll-On directly to pain spots and massage into skin.
  • For those dealing with lingering pain from a surgical procedure, apply directly to where the pain is worst. After application, gently massage the oil into your skin as the heat from your hands aids the absorption process.

Certificate of Analysis

Additional information

Weight36 g
Dimensions4 × 1.5 × 4 in
Product Weight

.35fl oz (10.35ml), 39


100mg Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract

Other Ingredients

Grape Seed Oil, Camphor Oil, Nethol Crystals, Ethyl Alcohol, Natural Essential Oils & Coloring


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