Increases energy

Critical in ATP energy conversion in all cells

Increased Mental Clarity

Copper 2 is oxidized copper with the blue hue that we find in the soil, this copper has 27 electrons and is absorbed by plants. Plants convert the oxidized copper to Copper 1 which we absorb from the plants. Copper 1 has an extra electron (28) that our cells use to produce ATP. ATP is the energy that powers our cells which will increase energy and mental clarity.  

Additionally, that extra electron with Copper 1 will jump to a virus in our system and destroy it.  Research has shown Copper 1 is an antiviral, unlike Copper 2 (oxidized) which is typically used in nutritional supplements. 

Copper 1 has been submitted to the FDA for approval as an antiviral, anti-bacterial and anti-cancer supplement. At this time, we cannot make these claims, however strong evidence and research suggest these benefits. 

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Weight39.68 g
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10 mL


Copper1 Niactin, MCT Oil, Peppermint Flavoring.

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  1. Lauren R.

    Noticed a difference in 24hrs after taking it. All signs of the flu symptoms were gone and energy was back.

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